Writing Inclusive Job Descriptions eToolkit ($29)

This eToolkit provides practical tools and tips delivered in a convenient pdf download. This eToolkit covers topics such as:

  • Improving skills and experience descriptions
  • Highlighting non-technical skills
  • Identifying gender-focused language
  • Clearing up ambiguous language
  • Best practices checklist

Using the eToolkit, you'll learn how to write more inclusive job descriptions so that you can be successful in attracting a broad set of talent. Ideal for hiring in technology, professional roles, and sales roles.

Client Testimonial:

Our most recent job posting attracted many talented applicants, but not a single diverse candidate. We reached out to Sara and she immediately spotted processes that needed to change for us to attract diverse talent. In the end, we had three candidates that stood out above and beyond the others, two of which were from the diverse candidates that applied after Sara helped us make the needed changes.

-- Skyler Carr, CEO Infini D